School Trials

It is with trepidation that each year tens of thousands of Primary School children take the exciting yet terrifying move up to Secondary School. By the end of Year 6 most children are ready to leave the safety blanket of Primary School and start the ladder to their GCSEs and beyond.

For many schools this stage of transition can be a tricky time as children who were the big fish in the small pond become the small fish in a lake. Many schools offer Summer schools to the children who are may beĀ  in need of some guidance and reassurance. For some the need is not so great.

Come September those first few weeks of school are important for the new Year 7 Students to get to know each other. A company I was talking to last week said business was booming in September / October as schools book them up to team building days with the pupils. The School Team Building Company offer a range of activities for these days ranging from a large round robin of activities, archery, construction challenges to name a few.

If you school is in need of any such activities then please visit

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